Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 11 - Two Weeks Since the Emergency

Episode Summary

Today’s installment features Charlottesville City Council taking action on continuing the government, Governor Ralph Northam’s comments on Virginia’s readiness to deal with an influx of patients, and we’ll check in with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, which has a crisis on its hands. A woman laid off two weeks ago today tells her story, and we hear some music from tenor saxophonist Charles Owens.

Episode Notes



“It seems to be a consensus of Council that Councilors would prefer whatever legal means are necessary to allow you to all participate electronically until this COVID-19 issue, until there’s some mitigation of that in the community that would make it safe for people to gather.” - Charlottesville City Attorney John Blair 

"One of the things we’ve done in the COVID-19 is try to limit the exposure for our drivers which is the first priority for me.” -Charlottesville Area Transit 

“We’re exploring ways to make it easier for qualified medical professionals to help out. This includes reworking our licensing procedures and considering use of medical students and others. We also will be making better use of our Virginia Medical Reserve Corps… the past month.”  - Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

“The Corps can build emergency hospital bed capacity in sites that we identify for them. We are working to assess several potential locations in regions across Virginia should the need to arise.”  - Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

“If one looks at the curves of the hospitalizations, of the increased cases that we’re seeing, not only here in Virginia but in other areas of the country, we anticipate over burdening the capacity of our current healthcare system so we see that coming and we want to prepare for that.” - Virginia Governor Ralph Northam