Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 16 - The University of Virginia

Episode Summary

The April 5 edition of the program features details from University of Virginia's Town Hall, including how the health system is contributing. We also hear from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear in addition to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Episode Notes


“Our sincere hope is that we will be able to be up and running and back to normal but it’s honestly too early to tell and it’s going to depend on the progression of the virus." -University of Virginia President Jim Ryan, April 2, 2020

“We are coordinating with the city of Charlottesville and Albemarle County on ways that the University can help members of the broader community during the pandemic and afterwards as things get back to normal. We’ll have more to share on that in the next week.” -University of Virginia President Jim Ryan, April 2, 2020

“This is going to get worse before it gets better. We haven’t yet hit the peak here in Virginia or or in Charlottesville and models now show that that peak will occur somewhere between late April or late May so we are going to be dealing with this for some time which will make it harder and harder and we’ll see more patients in the health system with COVID-19.” -University of Virginia President Jim Ryan, April 2, 2020

"It is a beautiful weekend but you absolutely cannot, cannot violate these rules because it's nice. When that happens, the coronavirus spreads and people are more likely to die. It's a tough reality, but it's the reality we face." - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, April 4, 2020