Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 17 - Mask Up

Episode Summary

It’s the morning of April 7, and the number of COVID-19 cases in Virginia has risen to 3,333, populating more data that will allow us to see how well we are doing in flattening the curve. We are now well into the fourth week of social-distancing measures designed to slow the spread of a disease that is deadly for many. In this episode, Governor Ralph Northam recommends wearing face coverings in public. Charlottesville Fire Chief Andrew Baxter and Virginia Health Commissioner Norm Oliver both caution when looking at epidemiological models. Charlottesville's Brian Wheeler brings us more information on what the city's economic development office is doing. And Tina LaRoche of Camp Holiday Trails offers the view of one nonprofit in these troubling times.

Episode Notes


“I think we’ve made the point a couple of times that there are various models. They change literally every day depending on the data that is put into them and so we haven’t made any adjustments by what we’re seeing. We will certainly continue to follow the trends and if and when we need to make adjustments in our guidelines we will certainly do that. But for right now, continue to do what you’re doing. The stay at home is working. The social distancing and the frequent hand-washing, all of these things are effective. Keep doing the great work.”  - Governor Ralph Northam, April 6, 2020