Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 23 - Testing, Council and Housing the Homeless

Episode Summary

Physical distancing in Virginia will continue until the state meets a number of criteria, including two straight weeks with a declining number of cases. To get there, Northam has put a former Virginia health commissioner in charge of better utilizing how COVID-19 tests are performed in the state. on this edition of the Charlottesville Quarantine Report program, a deeper look at testing, Charlottesville City Council meets again, and we look at efforts to house the homeless during the pandemic by speaking with Anthony Haro of the Thomas Jefferson Coalition for the Homeless.

Episode Notes


“The ability to run large numbers of tests is key to any plan to ease restrictions on businesses and gatherings. At the beginning of this pandemic, you’ll remember that testing capabilities were extremely limited around the nation. We had to use CDC tests and ship everyone of them to Atlanta and wait for results. We also didn’t have nearly enough of those tests. This has been a problem across the country as well as here in Virginia... ...Throughout this process, governors, labs, and health care systems have literally been competing for the same supply of reagents and swabs just as we have done with PPE because of limited national guidance.” - Governor Ralph Northam, April 20, 2022