Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 28 - Towards Phase 1

Episode Summary

This episode summarizes the May 1, 2020 press briefing by Governor Ralph Northam at which he learned more about increases in testing capacity and whether Virginia yet has enough of a workforce in place to do the extensive contact tracing needed to track further infections. You'll hear from Dr. Karen Remley as well as Dr. Norm Oliver. She was Virginia's Health Care Commissioner from 2010 to 2013, a position now held by Dr. Oliver.

Episode Notes


“Less than two months ago we faced the beginning of this pandemic. Our first positive case was on March 7, less than eight weeks ago. We feared a wave of hospitalizations that would overwhelm our ICUs and our ventilator capacity. We struggled to get enough PPE as well as supplies for testing and we were planning to build alternative care facilities. I directed Virginians to stay home and maybe businesses temporarily closed or moved to telework and take-out. We stayed six feet apart and we waited to see it worked.” - Governor Ralph Northam, May 1, 2020