Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 29 - Limited Opening

Episode Summary

The focus of this episode is purely from Governor Ralph Northam’s press briefing on May 4, 2020, where he announced that progress has been made. Some details of Phase 1 of Forward Virginia are outlined.

Episode Notes


“Now we can start to move into a new phase of our response. But at the same time I want to make it very clear that this virus is still here. It has not gone away and it will not go away until we have a vaccine, and that may be hopefully at the end of this year, or another year or two.”  - Governor Ralph Northam, May 5, 2020

“One of the things that will happen is that we will continue to see cases rise. Reopening means that we have to take a very serious approach towards identifying new cases, identifying anyone who has been exposed to that new case, and isolating those folks. Putting them in quarantine if necessary. To do that will require a new workforce. We’ve already begun hiring case identifiers in the health department. We will hire several hundred of them. We are in the process of setting up to hire the 1,000 contact tracers we believe will be necessary to effectively do that kind of containment strategy and we’re quite confident we will be able to ramp this up quickly in a week or two." - Dr. Norm Oliver, May 5, 2020

“We will adjust the current stay at home order as well, emphasizing safer at home rather than stay at home. That gives us an additional two weeks to watch the data and determine if we are meeting the metrics we need to see to enter phase one.” - Governor Ralph Northam, May 5, 2020