Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 30 - Not Opening the Floodgates

Episode Summary

This episode of the Charlottesville Quarantine Report features audio clips from Governor Ralph Northam's May 8, 2020. That's when details of Phase 1 of Forward Virginia were unveiled. What can open? What can't open yet? Can you get your hair cut? What about church? What if you have to go back to work, and don't feel safe? So many questions, and this installment has some of the answers. We also drop in on the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission meeting to find out what elected and appointed officials throughout the region are up to.

Episode Notes



“Two months ago we were figuring out how to rearrange our lives and our society to keep people safe. Businesses and many state employees moved to teleworking. We closed schools and banned elective surgeries. We put restrictions on non-essential retail, moved our restaurants to take-out and delivery and closed entertainment venues, hair salons, and other personal services. Back then we had one blunt tool - shutting everything down." - Governor Ralph Northam, May 8, 2020  

“I want to reassure Virginians that we are not opening the floodgates here. We are not flipping a light switch from closed to open. When the time is right we will turn a dimmer switch up just a notch. The reality is that the virus is still in our communities and we need to continue our vigilance and social distancing.”  - Governor Ralph Northam, May 8, 2020