Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 35 - Fixing Food Systems, Increasing Tests

Episode Summary

As we approach the beginning of June, we have enough time to look back on where we’ve been through these last few weeks. Today’s show takes a look at what two food-related agencies have been doing during the pandemic. The show begins with a summary of Governor Ralph Northam's May 22 press conference where he talked about testing, a future announcement on mask requirements, and the importance of Memorial Day. The main focus of the show is the two interviews with local non-profits. Sean Tubbs speaks with Portia Boggs of the Local Food Hub about their drive-through farmers markets and the Fresh Farmacy program. Then Michael McKee, CEO of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, talks about how his organization has been helping to feed the hungry during this time of crisis.

Episode Notes


“Face coverings are an important part of the next steps and we will have more to say about that next week especially as we think about phase one and phase two. I know everyone wants to know when Northern Virginia, Richmond and Accomack County will be able to move into phase one and when the rest of the state will move into Phase 2. We are in frequent communication with officials in those localities and we’ll have more information to share next week.” - Governor Ralph Northam, May 22, 2020

“Next we have planned 44 community testing events and we anticipate that will include 17,500 tests. We’ll also be doing point prevalence surveys in approximately 15 facilities with about 6,000 tests.” - Governor Ralph Northam, May 22, 2020

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