Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 6 - Another day, another set of numbers

Episode Summary

This episode contains the words of state officials from March 20. Another day in this long drawn out COVID-19 Crisis. This one mostly features the sounds from a press briefing, but I also went out for a walk.

Episode Notes



"We're hearing reports of some businesses being non-compliant. Our localities have the authority to enforce the ten person limit at restaurants, fitness center and theaters and I fully expect them to use it as needed." 

"This virus, this pandemic, is affecting everyone's lives. It is forcing changes in people's routines and for many people it is affecting their jobs and their income. We are doing everything that we can to help people."  

Megan Healey

"If you think at all that you can get unemployment, we want everyone to apply. The rules change daily, maybe hourly of who can get unemployment insurance. If you are denied, we'll keep that data and if the rules change from the [U.S.] Department of Labor then we can start going back and issuing folks checks."