Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 8 - A new Sunday routine

Episode Summary

In this Sunday installment, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam encourages faith communities to worship in creative ways. One example is at the First United Methodist Church of Charlottesville, which held services on line today. Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker returns to Facebook to urge people to follow social distancing protocol to stop the spread of COVID-19. Then we get a look at what the lockdown looks like today in Valencia, Spain. We then listen to more of the briefing, and the show ends with the first audio contribution from our listeners.

Episode Notes


Governor Ralph Northam

“This virus continues to spread. We talk about flattening the curve but make no mistake. We are still in the early stages of that curve rising. How high and how quickly those numbers rise is up to you and me and every single Virginian.”

“Months, not weeks. We need to begin adjusting to that reality. But the sooner we adopt these new ways of living, the sooner we will all get through this.”

“We know that a majority of people get sick will experience mild to moderate symptoms so as a country our priority must be to protect the people who are most vulnerable. Older people. People with underlying healthcare conditions and our health care workers themselves.”

“Just yesterday, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management shipped a major supply of PPE to emergency medical services, health districts, and hospitals. This includes gloves, gowns, facemasks and respirators.”

“We are also actively reaching out to companies for help making and distributing PPE. My team has been on the phone around the clock reaching out to CEOs across our Commonwealth. Our message is clear. It is time to step up.”

“Everyone of us has a job to do to fight this virus. That is why it is so critical to stay home as much as possible. Do not go into crowds. Do not have gatherings. I know that most Virginians are hearing this message and I thank you all for doing your part. But I also know that some people are not listening. And I want you to know you are putting every single one of us in Virginia at risk.”

“To our colleges and universities. No more fraternity parties. And for everyone, social distancing does not mean congregating on a crowded beach. This is not a holiday. This is not a vacation. Please stay home whenever possible.” 

Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker

“I need you all to pay attention to this social distancing a little bit more than you all are…but if I had a choice, which I don’t have the entire say over anything, just one of five votes, but if I did we would already be inside and only out for essential things because I think that the numbers are saying that we should have made that decision a while ago. And now have to deal with it but here we are. You can see the coming together of the community like and all of the citizens and staff members behind that.”

Elizabeth McCullough 

“I think Virginia should get on the same kind of lockdown frankly. I don’t think people are going to voluntarily stay at home. I know of people gathering in parks. Shutting down businesses isn’t necessarily enough. People have to really stay isolated and at home and stop the spread of this disease.”

“Think of us as being like ten or 14 days out from where you are going to be. The hospitals are getting overloaded here. They’re building field hospitals. They’re rationing their PPE’s. Unfortunately I think it’s heading your way.”