Charlottesville Quarantine Report

Episode 9 - The Next Steps

Episode Summary

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has announced further restrictions in businesses and the closure of public schools through the end of the school year. This episode is a digest of the March 23 press briefing.

Episode Notes


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

“Non-essential retail establishments can remain only if they only allow ten or fewer patrons and adhere to social distancing and increased sanitizing procedures. Essential services like grocery stores, health services, and businesses in our supply chain will remain open but they must adhere to social distancing and increased sanitizing procedures. Gatherings of more than ten are banned.” 

“Today I’m calling our local communities, private day care providers, community child care partners and public schools to rally together to provide child care for the young children and school age children of essential personnel. Our child care providers are also essential personnel.” 

“We are moving into a period of sacrifice. Most of us already begun to experience this. Many businesses are closed already because their owners have made. I thank them for the tremendous sacrifices that they have made. There is more ahead and things are changing fast. Just last week we announced one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Today thousands, thousands of people are without work.”